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Designer: Shilpa Rathi
Link: www.ShilpaRathi.com
Location: Fleming Island, FL

Design: Wild Indigo ~ Belize/Chauras Duvet Cover Set
Materials: Organic Cotton with Vegetable Dyes
Price Point: $499-$699 (Duvet Set 3 pcs. King, Queen & Full Size)

Luxurious. Stylish. Eco-friendly. My designs are a fusion of contemporary design of the modern world & ancient traditional Indian patterns. This duvet cover set is a perfect example of this fusion, boasting simple squares in Indigo on one side & a "Peacock-Inspired" traditional pattern I designed on the other side. The peacock is the national bird of India, and my favorite, as well. As a child, I often drew peacocks on my school notebooks. :)

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I enjoy being surrounded by natural materials as much as possible, whether its fabric, brick walls, or exposed wooden beams. I like large windows that let the light flood in!

Some of my most favorite pieces hand-dyed in vegetable dyes can be found on the stair handrail or hanging on pieces of furniture around my studio, as they remind me of my passion.

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My favorite designer is Architect Louis Kahn & my favorite design: the Institute of Indian Management in Ahemdabad, India & Exeter Library

I still remember the day when I visited the most remarkable building I had ever seen in my entire life, the Institute of Indian Management in Ahemdabad, India.
I was mesmerized & could not believe, what a statement one can make just by the simplicity, use of natural materials & the movement created by shapes, forms & light.
When designing the school, Kahn put into question how and where people learn. Learning was not happening strictly in classrooms, but in the corridors and the spaces in between as well. That approach made the whole difference!

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Kahn's presence in the 1960s signals a turning point in contemporary architecture in post-independent India. He combined visually compelling spaces with drama as the changing light transformed the sensory experience of being in the building at different times of the day and night. He devoted his career to the uncompromising pursuit of formal perfection and emotional expression & created transforming, remarkable spaces. He strived to create & design the spaces as monumental and as spiritually inspiring as the ancient ruins of Greece and Egypt.

Kahn, with his theories of the architect's social responsibility, particularly in mass housing is definitely one of my favorite designer/architect who made a huge impression on me & a huge difference in the history of architecture, design.

"Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love" ~ Louis Kahn

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