The True Story on Bedbugs...In Chicago

The True Story on Bedbugs...In Chicago

Heather Blaha
May 2, 2007

Last week over at AT:NY there was a lively discussion on the most unglamorous topic of bedbugs. Responding to Maxwell's mention of bedbugs in his book, S. in Chicago wrote him with a firsthand account of what life was really like with the bugs. S. writes:

I recently suffered from bedbugs in my apartment in Chicago. It took us four months to rid our house of them, and thousands of dollars. Let me assure you that our house is quite clean, and that cleanliness has absolutely nothing to do with one's chances of picking up bedbugs...They are honestly the worst thing that's ever happened to me (not to dramatize) so I just want to help other people with this however I can.

Read the rest here.

Who else in Chicago is unfortunately experienced in this area? Any other tales to tell??


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