The Tundra Fire Suppressant

I'd suspect a great many of you out there are like us, without a fire extinguisher ready at hand for an unexpected flare-up or household fire. I'll be the first to admit shopping for a fire extinguisher, although extremely important, is near the last items on my "remember to purchase" list. But when First Alert brings out a fire retardant liquid spray in the easy to use form and size of a household product spray can, the reasons for not having an essential safety option is extinguished to nil.

The Tundra Fire Suppressant looks like your everyday household product. But the 9" familiar design houses a biodegradable and nontoxic firefighting agent, that is released at up to four times the rate of traditional kitchen fire extinguishers. Convenient and smart, we're big proponents of dumbing down safety devices into simple safety tools, manageable by anyone.