The TuneBug Vibe Turns Any Surface Into a Speaker

Just under 2.5" in diameter, this stone shaped audio accessory supposedly converts a variety of surfaces into a large speaker using vibrational dispersion. Compatible with your mobile phone, mp3 player, laptop, or anything with a 3.5" audio out connection, the Vibe was designed for times when lugging a set of speakers isn't an option, and you don't want the tinny-tiny sounds from a laptop or mobile device.

One should definitely not expect audio performance anywhere near the neighborhood of discrete audio speakers...even compared with the cheapest models. But for its size, the $69.95 TuneBug Vibe might be a decent portable solution, especially for public presentations. We're not going to pass judgment until we get our hands on one, but we're relatively comfortable depending upon a good set of headphones for on the go, with real speakers for home use for now.