The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding TV Show Spoilers

The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding TV Show Spoilers

Elizabeth Giorgi
Mar 27, 2013

Spring means mid-season TV premieres, and at my house we're all giddy with anticipation for new seasons of Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Mad Men . The only problem? Avoiding spoilers whilst doing some casual internet browsing feels a little like navigating an entertainment mine field.

Here's my ultimate guide to avoiding spoilers for your favorite shows:

1. No more Tumblr: It's going to be tough, but honestly, it's for your own good. It's nearly impossible to scroll through a Tumblr feed without a dangerous image popping up. Just yesterday I unhappily encountered a very spoiler-y fan picture of the BBC's Sherlock crew filming Season 3 and the show doesn't even have a premiere date. If you must tumble, at least unfollow the users with a wild, wild west attitude about spoilers.

2. Install Chrome's Open Tweet Filter: If you're using Chrome already, you know the browser is equipped with a ton of great apps in the store, but this one is key for die hard spoiler-avoiders. Simply download Tweet Filter and add your "exclusion" list for both terms and users. Chrome will do the rest. The tweets aren't "deleted" - just filtered, so if you want to go back later and see what people are saying about an episode you'll still be able to find them.

3. Only visit sites with a "Spoiler Free" reputation: Some blogs and news sites are really great about warning readers of any upcoming spoilers. Bookmark these sites and avoid the rest.

4. Install Chrome's YouTube Options: Now that you're equipped with Chrome's Open Tweet Filter, add YouTube Options to avoid spoilers on video pages. This filter is technically not just for comments as it allows you to filter out ads, descriptions, sponsored content, etc., but in this case it's especially useful for those particularly annoying YouTube commenters who just love to get a rise out of others.

5. Get caught up already!: At some point, you just have to sit down and watch the darn show. Now go. Go watch.

(Photo Credits: John's Dwelling Place Home Tour and Chrome)
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