The Ultimate Guide to Tiny Homes

20 Source Lists & Shopper's Guides

Ever fantasize about selling all your stuff and moving into an Airstream or taking up residence in a Paris pied-à-terre? Tiny living promises freedom — from huge mortgage bills and from excess baggage. Here are 20 guides to getting and kitting out your own tiny home.

1. Small Space Inspiration: 10 Architects to Bookmark
2. Backyard Offices: 8 Modern Prefab Sheds
3. Best Affordable Small & Prefab Homes 2011
4. Best Tiny Travel Trailers: From Airstream to Teardrop
5. 8 Amazing Small Space Resources to Bookmark
6. Best Small Home Designers & Builders

7. Best Sources for Small Kitchen Organization
8. Compact Kitchen Appliances: 12 Smart Sources
9. Sources for Small Kitchen Renovations
10. Best Mini Kitchens and Kitchenettes 2011
11. Modern Micro Kitchen: Get the Look

12. Best Sources for Small Bathroom Renovations
13. Best Bathroom Space Savers for Renters: 10 Sources

14. 10 Out of the Ordinary Convertible Beds
15. 20 Bedroom Dressers & Wardrobes for Small Spaces
16. Best Storage Beds

17. Best Wall-Mounted Desks for Small Spaces
18. Best Wall Shelves: Floating and Modular Systems
19. 10 High-Style Speakers for Small Spaces
20. Space Saving Office: High & Low

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