The Ultimate Office Furniture for Introverts

We already told you about how to set up your home based on your introverted or extroverted traits, and now Steelcase and author Susan Cain — whose bestselling book Quiet offers introverts strategies for coping in an extroverted world — have manufactured a stylish solution called "Quiet Spaces" to help introverts get more done at the office. What do you think, introverts? Could you work here?

The idea is simple: the interruption-free modules provide office workers a calm place to work, make a private phone call or just relax and recharge. The clear glass becomes opaque for privacy, it's sound proof and offers the user full control over the sensory environment.

There are several different models with names like "Flow," "Be Me" and "Mind Share," the later meant for colleagues to connect with each other one-on-one. These aren't meant to be individual offices, rather shared spaces where employees can schedule blocks of time when they need to.

These rooms are pricey to say the least —they start at $15,000 but could that price be offset by the increase in productivity they inspire? Makes sense to us. If offices were to provide an environment where all of their employees could thrive, worker would be happier and no doubt ultimately accomplish more of their work.

So weigh in, introverts. Is this idea something you'd like to see your employer embrace?

See all the rooms at Steelcase. Via The Atlantic.

(Image credits: Steelcase)