The UNICAT MAN 6x6 Truck
Trent Johnson
Jun 24, 2009
The UNICAT MAN 6x6 was custom built for a customer based off the MAN TGA 6x6 Chassis. Included is everything you need for the most extreme expedition and comfort: Air suspended seats, burglarproof, scratch proof double insulated windows with mosquito nets, conventional oven with steamer, dishwasher, espresso maker, 26 gallon fridge with freezer, 3 wardrobes, solar power system, satellite TV, 177 gallon freeze proof drinkable water tanks and most importantly, integrated ATV storage compartment. The EX70-HDQ MAN TGA 6x6 by UNICAT begins with a 14'9" chassis riding on 6 wheels all powered by a 480 hp diesel engine through a 16-speed manual transmission and weighs approximately 46,064 lbs. Everything is designed to take abuse, and keep passengers safe from the harshest of environments See a video of this thing in action here. Safety Features:
  • 60 mm thick double sealed doors with heavy duty locks with seal compression
  • Additional retractable bolts at top and bottom of entrance door
  • Burglarproof, scratchproof top hinged sidelights and windows with double insulated thermal window glass all electronically powered.
Additional Amenities:
  • Double bed in living area
  • U-shaped seating unit converts into additional double bed
  • Separate shower and toilet room with doors
  • Usable dry storage with radiator drying
  • 3-flame stove
  • Conventional oven with steamer
  • Dishwasher
  • Espresso maker
  • 26 gallon fridge with freezer
  • 3 wardrobes
  • Aluminum exterior storage boxes
  • Solar system
  • Water cooled 7.2 kW diesel generator with water cooled muffler
  • Music system throughout with DVD player, satellite TV
  • Low voltage XELOGEN lights throughout
  • Lights in outside storage compartment
  • 177 freeze proof drinking water tanks with built in water filtration system
  • 8.8 gallon hot water-heat exchanger
  • 52 gallon freeze proof waste water tank
  • Removable sprayers on bath and kitchen faucets
  • 18 kW central heating system
  • 5 kW integrated air conditioner
  • Integrated storage compartment for ATV in the back
See more photos here or browse UNICAT's other vehicles at their Web site.
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