(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
University of London's Godsmiths College student Florian Kraeutli has one-upped the laser virtual keyboard and designed a working prototype utilizing the iPhone's built-in accelerometer to register/measure the vibrations when striking a paper keyboard...

Florian Krautli explains: "Touch screen devices, such as smartphones, lack a suitable method for text input which can compete with mechanical keyboards. The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard aims to appease the frustration felt by smartphone users when faced with drafting lengthy emails or notes on a small onscreen keyboard."

"The keyboard requires no additional hardware as it taps into an iPhone's built-in accelerometer, which is able to measure the vibrations caused by typing on any hard surface."

For now, the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone is the closest thing on the market to this anywhere, virtual keyboard. But we wouldn't be surprised to see smartphone and tablet makers "tapping" into the technology and ditching physical keyboards altogether.