The Vinci: A Kid-Friendly Touch Screen Tablet

The Vinci: A Kid-Friendly Touch Screen Tablet

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 4, 2011

Parents have been signing the praises of the iPad since we all caught on to its ability to capture the minds of the young. It's great for movies, entertainment on the go and it's pretty safe if you have a cover or protector in case it's dropped. If you're still too scared to let your young ones take control of it there's a new kid-friendly tablet moving to the block real soon.

Vinci Touchpad Computer as shared by our friends over at Inhabitots, is made from non-toxic materials and has rounded corners that are geared to hold up to some serious kid abuse. Although we appreciate the thought, we're not so sure this product set to be released on Amazon was really needed.

Yes it's nice that it's easy to hold and the screen is a little more kid-size, but it feels like yet another product where a few benefits make parents think they should buy more than they really need. There are still those of us out there without a tablet for their children's entertainment and they seem to be doing just fine without either option.

How do you think the product will do? Is it a great idea and you're glad it's launching, or does it seem silly when the iPad is so darn popular? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

(Image: Inhabitots)

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