The War Of the Roses: If Walls Could Talk

The War Of the Roses: If Walls Could Talk

Laurie Siegel
Feb 22, 2012

In watching 1989's dark anti-romance comedy, The War Of the Roses, where a seemingly perfect couple embarks on the emotional destruction of their union and the physical destruction of their enviable home, I'm often left wondering: Does amazing real-estate and meticulous decor reveal nothing about the people who live with it? Forget years of marriage and kids. Is there nothing sacrosanct about good interior design?

But on further thought after this Valentine's Day viewing, I starting seeing more clues of the couple's troubled marriage reflected in their home— the oppressive, wooden bed-frame, the overly-referenced, fragile Baccarat. So now I'm wondering, do our homes act as barometers, reflecting the emotional state of the people who live in it? Does your home reveal the inner truth of how you're doing at any given time? Can you tell what's going on in someone's life by stepping into her home? Let us know your thoughts.

(Image: Twentieth Century Fox, The War Of The Roses, 1989)

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