My fiance wants to live in a log cabin. In reality, however, we live 2 miles from downtown Austin, and the reality of transforming our house into a cabin is far-fetched. What we've been enjoying, though, is finding beautiful accessories and accents in rich, natural wood! For now, instilling bits of rustic, natural decor here or there will have to do.
  1. Petrified wood slabs make for beautiful serving trays. For a holiday cheese plate or a dinner party h'ors d'oeuvre, they make a rich statement on the dinner table. The Loaded Trunk, $137.
  2. Hand carved root bowls are useful for both serving and general decor. No two are alike, and this particular bowl is carved from Chinese Fir. Belacor, $73
  3. This slab of knotty Alder has magnets added to the back, turning it into a gorgeous natural wood knife rack. Driftedge, $38
  4. An olive wood mortar & pestle makes ground up mint that much better in your mojito. Looks beautiful on the counter between uses. Muji, $23
  5. Perfect for a kitchen mat, this Trompe L'oeil rustic wood flor mat is a modern take on a rustic texture! Urban Outfitters, $159

Images: As credited above.