A Bright & Bold Nursery For Baby To Be

This space was done up from thrifted finds and repurposed goods by Mom, Karly Hand. It's a crazy awesome space that's full of life, light and tons of personality without feeling like it's drowning in "kid's stuff." Take a closer look right this way...

You can find Karly blogging over at Design Crisis and this room was all her handiwork. From handmade curtains to hand-me down rugs, this space feels personal, warm and welcoming. It's packed with artwork and color without feeling like you've had a box of primary colors jammed down your throat. The space is lively, comfortable and a great place to grow up!

You can see more of this space over at Design Crisis and we strongly urge you go check it out. Karly shares the story behind the birdcage light fixture, the tiger friendly (not to be confused with themed) atmosphere and more. Her baby to be is one lucky tot and we're excited for her to be able to put the space to use!

(Image: Erin Williamson for Design Crisis)

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