The Winner: The Modern Woman by Eddie Ross!

Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge

Last night the polls closed after nearly two weeks of intense online voting, tweeting and interior design pressure focusing on three windows at 59th and Lexington. We want to thank Bloomingdale's and Elle Decor for making this possible AND all of YOU for voting and commenting. All three windows were remarkable and demonstrated great skill in starting with Bloomingdale's furniture to create a living space, and all were winners in their own way, BUT there's always only one winner, and the final vote detail is below.

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This year, for first place, Bloomingdale's is giving yesterday's furniture sales profit (not exceeding $5,000) to the charity of Eddie and Elle Decor's choice, while the rest of us get an entry in the history books and lots of sympathy. :-). Thanks to all of you and see you next year on Lexington!

First Place: The Modern Woman
Designer: Eddie Ross
Vote Count: 4183

Second Place: The Writer's Romantic Supper
Designer: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan
Vote Count: 2489

Third Place: The Urbane Traveller
Designer: Eileen Joyce
Vote Count: 1488

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