The Wogg Hidden Height-Adjustable Table

The Wogg Hidden Height-Adjustable Table

Range Govindan
Jan 21, 2009

Unlike former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, it's not everyone that enjoys using a stand-up desk day-in day-out. Rumsfeld is well-known for using this kind of table each and every day. Now we don't deny that stand-up desks can be a welcome change, but we just couldn't fathom standing up whilst coding or writing for hours on end. Thankfully, Wogg has recently released a desk that would suit us just fine: the best of both worlds.

The best of the standing and sitting worlds that is. This table has smartly hidden mechanics, enabling it to be height-adjustable, while seeming to be just an ordinary desk. It can be moved from sitting position to stool position quite easily. The mechanism is well hidden beneath some decorations, so whatever position you have the table in will look like it's the one it's always in, which is pretty nice.

Swiss designer Christophe Marchand came up with the idea for Wogg, a Swiss editor. It's aptly named the Wogg 48 Height-Adjustable Table. The desk possesses a sort of skirt to keep everything hidden. That's appreciated. So now you can pull a Rumsfeld on Monday, and relax back into a seat on Tuesday without any problems thanks to this utilitarian desk. [via TrendsNow]

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