The World's Most Beautiful Bathtubs

The World's Most Beautiful Bathtubs

Nancy Mitchell
Jul 29, 2015
(Image credit: My Domaine)

This continues a series of posts that examines the way design can bring elegance to even the most seemingly mundane household fixtures. Shower enclosures, it turns out, can be breathtakingly beautiful. So can kitchen and bathroom sinks. And now we're turning our attention to the humble bathtub. If you thought clawfoot tubs were as good as it gets, you were so, so wrong.

(Note: There hasn't be a piece yet on the world's most beautiful toilets. But just you wait.)

Above: A beautiful bathtub in a beautiful setting, spotted on My Domaine. I could probably soak here with a glass of wine and a good book for, oh, forever.

(Image credit: Indico Painting)

Thing to add to your someday dream home list: a gold bathtub. From Indico Painting.

(Image credit: Yellowtrace)

This elegantly simple modern tub provides the perfect counterpoint to its rustic surroundings. Spotted on Yellowtrace.

(Image credit: West Country Shutters)

The gold bathtub's slightly humbler (but no less lovely) cousin, the copper bathtub, spotted in a space from West Country Shutters.

(Image credit: The Style Files)

If this bathtub were a real boat, you could submerge yourself in water while also floating in water. Deep. Image from The Style Files.

(Image credit: Luxe)

A marble tub — so lovely and so cool. From Luxe.

(Image credit: Elle Decoration)

The sunken tub is alive and well, as proved by this shot from Elle Decoration. Just be sure to watch your step.