Solar lighting for your patio or balcony

It's all about good lighting. This is especially true for your outdoor space. Even if you have a small balcony, lighting can be a great way to draw your eyes outside. Consider using solar lights, which give you the advantage of not having to use (or trying to find) an outlet. Here are a few of our favorites:

We love the clean and modern lines of this HomeBrite Solar Stainless Steel walkway light. Even though it's meant to light up a pathway, we think if you lined a wall of your balcony or patio with planters, a few of these stuck in between could be a nice touch. If you want something more subtle and camouflaged, a couple of these HomeBrite Solar Rock spotlights integrated within, say a succulent garden could give some added drama. And finally solar string lights are always a great way to bring ambiance and charm. There are several solar versions available in the market, and some even come with different styles of covers that can be interchangeable.