Then & Now: DIY Macrame Lamps

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One of my favorite things is seeing old-school skills, like sewing and quilting, reclaimed by a younger generation and used for present day design. This has been huge in the last decade, as evidenced by the alternative craft scene and, of course, Etsy. Consider the macrame lamp (like the one shown above), a hallmark of the 70s. Keep reading to see how one blogger reimagined this mid century classic for a new era.

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Julia Okun recently shared this completed project via her blog Rennes. The single strand bulb light, outfitted with a simple macramé cord, hangs in her Boston living room. What was a retro look is now more streamlined and in keeping with today's modern sensibilities.

What do you think? Like this new version, or prefer the vintage feel of the original?

(Images: EtsyRennes)

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