Once fall arrives, pine cones are everywhere so it's no wonder they continuously pop up in holiday decor. Pine cones don't have to be stuffy or a kindergarten project — they can actually be turned into pretty stunning decorations.

Looking for a way to decorate the mantel can be frustrating, but hanging a string of pine cones can be a simple and attractive option. There are so many creative ways you could take this DIY project — add cranberries, fabric, green apples, ect! Another DIY project is a pine cone wreath — they're actually quite simple and if you take it one step at a time, you won't get overwhelmed.

Even pine cone stamps can be a great way to incorporate fall/holiday cheer without slapping on a fat santa. It seems like there's a pine cone stamp every year! A less obvious way to bring in fall — pine cone coasters. These would be perfect for any holiday party.

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How do you decorate with pine cones?

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