There's Always One Crazy House On The Block

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Most folks have someone they can classify as a "quirky" neighbor. In my own neighborhood we've seen everything from folks talking a shower (and not in the cool outdoor garden shower kind of way), to more statues than we care to count. That said, these residents for sure take the cake — or wait, are dolphins in this year?

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Now before I come off as all "cooler-than-you" this set up is pretty fantastic. Just like in fashion, most of what is socially acceptable depends on the attitude and swagger you have to pull off the look. Dolphins alone might have been a little silly, but once you start bringing in Poseidon (though it could be Moses), pirates, and sea dragons, well then we say, job well done. Show off what you love!

Do your neighbors take things a little far or do you embrace everyone's originality and uniqueness equally? Are you worried about property values or are you still thinking about what Poses (get it, Poseidon + Moses) looks like dressed as Santa and the dolphins as reindeer? Share your thoughts below!

Image: Flickr member jenfield licensed for use by Creative Commons

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