These Come from Trees

These Come from Trees

Stephanie Kinnear
Jan 28, 2008

We were in a public restroom last week and made a random discovery.

After we washed our hands, we walked over to grab a paper towel, looked up and saw this sticker pasted on the dispenser. "These Come from Trees" it said.

Duh we thought and, since we weren't trying to impress anyone, we reached back and dried our hands on our jeans and walked out.

About 30 seconds later it sort of hit us ... that sticker was pretty effective!

Not that everyone should start drying their hands on their clothing (we promise we don't do that too often) but we think most people who encounter a sticker like that as they grab a paper towel at a public restroom or a napkin at a fast food restaurant will think twice before taking more than exactly what they need.

Apparently that's the case ... according to the people behind the "These Come From Trees" stickers (who have done some field testing), the stickers can reduce consumption at a paper towel dispenser by 15%. Each sticker could potentially save a tree a year.

It's proof that little reminders like this can really help. Now, we don't encourage that you stick these all over your paper products at home -- but do you have a way of reminding yourself and your family that "these come from trees"?

(If you like the sticker, you can buy them on the web site -- 20 stickers for $5)

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