The March issue of Elle Decor screams What's Hot Now in neon ink across the cover — and though the editors never officially put deep pile Moroccan Rugs on "the list", 4 of the 6 featured homes have deep pile Moroccan rugs with a very similar graphic pattern. And a fifth home features a similar Turkish Wool Prayer rug! Are neutral Moroccan rugs the new suzani of shelter magazines?

They coordinate with nearly everything — the examples below are in both modern and traditional settings:

1 Yancey Richardson's Chelsea apartment has more than one of these rugs — this story is not online. (pages 140, 143)
2 Hollywood director Brett Ratner's master bedroom has a Moroccan rug credited to Mansour Modern. (pages 96-97 )
3 Artist Anne Becker has one in the bedroom...
4 ...and a pink version in the hall! (pages cover, 131,133)
5 Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham's wife has one in her studio. (page 118)

alhambra rug 5'x8' ivory/espresso

We recently got a sneak peek at the summer line from West Elm and they've got a similarly patterned rug — Alhambra Rug available in 5 sizes ($109 - $749).

(Images: Pieter Estersohn, Firooz Zahedi, Simon Upton)