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For centuries, quilts have been functional pieces of art and design that can keep you warm while telling a unique story. Patchwork quilting is perhaps the most well-known style of quilting; however, there are hundreds of techniques that create very different styles of piece-work.

Geometric quilting is a modern, free-form version of quilting that is gaining popularity in modern homes today. Check out a few of our favorite geometric quilts below, and tell us what types of quilting you admire!

1. Striped Baby Girl Quilt by MelissaHevey on Etsy, $120.

2. Two Rivers, A Log Cabin Variation by SDE Quilts, $2,400

3. Geometric Triangle Blanket Quilt by MelissaHevey on Etsy, $180

4. Modern Geometric Quilt, Pinwheel by bperrino on Etsy, $150