Thinking Outside the Gallery: Art from Everyday Items

Inside Man

This summer, we've focused in on men's style at home - from furniture and lighting to room makeovers. Looking back over the posts we noticed some stylish artwork ideas from these featured guy's homes that are made from everyday items — giving you a two-for-one shot of goodness — nice looking wall decor AND a budget friendly solution.

Shown above, left to right:

1. A set of nautical flags very simply hung in the living room adds a graphic punch of color to South Aftrican home featured in K & R's Seaside Style.

2. A series of simple greyscale drawings turns into a design statement through the power of repetition in David's Blogger Brownstone. To make a large group of frames like this wallet friendly, these were purchased at IKEA.

3. This 3d wall piece is a simple DIY — decorative branches (from West Elm) were painted and then artfully arranged over the bed in James' Treehouse Bedroom for an unusual yet naturalistic touch.

4. A trip to the art supply store plus a little artistic chutzpah and Arthur got a large painting for the dining room of his loft, featured in this Close Up of Arthur's Long Distance Home . He made the drip style painting himself on a large unframed canvas with a simple color palette.

5. A nice "floating" framing job in Michaels Design District home turns a simple everyday object, in this case, a map, into something special.

Images: 1. Liezel Strauss, 2, 3, 5. Jim Franco, 4. Evan Thomas

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