Thinking Outside the Frame: Unframed Artwork

Thinking Outside the Frame: Unframed Artwork

Janel Laban
Jul 16, 2010

At a flea market last weekend, I ran across some amazing old posters that originally hung in schools in Beijing. They are super cool, have beautiful colors and unusual imagery but are VERY fragile, meaning some framing is in my future. But not all artwork benefits from a frame …

Very often an unframed canvases, posters, prints and photos work well better without the added detail and bulk of a frame, allowing the piece to operate more as an "object" on it's own than it would if framed.

Here are a few examples from our tours, click through to see the rest of the home:

1. A Bright & Beautiful Bungalow From An Ohio Trio
2. Galen's Ad-hoc Apartment for the Arts
3. Julie & Iker's Marina City Heaven
4. Michael & Danijela's Modern Minimal Milwaukee Home
5. George and Sara's Logan Square Lookout

6. Johnny & Stacie's Super Sweet Loft
7. Lesley's Art Filled Abode
8. Becke & Lee's Vintage Cabin
9. Heather's Vintage Granny Chic
10. Becke & Lee's Vintage Cabin (again !)

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