This DIY Nightstand Project May Have You Running to Your Nearest Thrift Store

This DIY Nightstand Project May Have You Running to Your Nearest Thrift Store

Nora Taylor
Jan 18, 2016
(Image credit: Submitted by Lauren)

This is an absolutely unrecognizable thrift store makeover! Lauren and Wendy took a look at a 'blah' table and saw two playful nightstands. Read on for a little inspiration and instruction...

From Lauren: We took this old thrift store end table and transformed it into two nightstands all for less than $40! All the work was completed by myself and my partner in crime, Wendy, over the course of four days.

Skill Level: Moderate
Time Required: 2 to 4 Days
Project Cost: under $40
(Image credit: Submitted by Lauren)

What You Need


  • Sandpaper 150 grit
  • Damp Cloth
  • White Semi-Gloss Paint
  • Pencil
  • 4 Small Embellishments
  • 2 Cabinet knobs
  • Clear Glue
  • Decorative Placemat


  • Drill & Screws
  • Circular Saw
  • Stud Finder
  • Brush & Foam Roller
  • Tape Measurer
(Image credit: Submitted by Lauren)
(Image credit: Submitted by Lauren)
(Image credit: Submitted by Lauren)


  1. We found the thrift store table for $15 which was great! We then deconstructed the table and sanded it down with an orbital sander and 150 grit sandpaper. The table was much easier to sand in pieces than as a whole. Once most of the finish was removed, we wiped it clean with a damp cloth.
  2. After all the sanding was complete, we painted the first of three coats of Behr's standard white in a semi-gloss finish. Our paint was leftover from a previous project but a new quart costs about $12 at Home Depot.
  3. After the first coat of paint dried, we decided to cut the table to get our two nightstands. It was great to get one coat of paint on and we knew we could do a light sanding to smooth the areas where we made our cuts. To cut, we found the center of the table, drew our line, and cut it with a circular saw.
  4. We applied the other two coats of white and you could really see the nightstands starting to take shape!
  5. Finally, all the coats were on and dry allowing us to glue a couple of embellishments we found for about $1 each from Michael's. This totaled just over $4 with tax.
  6. We then attached these sparkly globe cabinet knobs for $3 each from Home Depot to give the nightstands a truly feminine feel. After that, the only thing left to do was glue the embellishments and voila! two nightstands for under $40!!!
  7. Final Note: We attached them to the wall by 'toe-nailing' them with screws into a stud and used a decorative placemat to hide them!

Thanks, Lauren!

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