This Just In! Umbra Greens Up

This Just In! Umbra Greens Up

Jonathan B.
Jan 31, 2008

We just heard some good news about perennial design favorite Umbra:

  • Umbra's cans are made of DEGRADABLE PLASTIC (with the exception of the Step Can).

  • The GARBINO can in black and green is made of RECYCLED MATERIAL.

  • The entire GARBINI line has been revamped into CORN PLASTIC, a compostable and renewable source.


We're thrilled to see a company that must produce literally tons of plastic make such sweeping changes so quickly. We've poked around a bit on Umbra's website, but there's no mention of these new products yet, so they're probably still making their way through the distribution chain. Give us a shout if you've seen one in the wild.

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