Daytime Storms and the Cozy Home

This morning's slow thunderstorm is lingering through the day, and we're thankful for our cozy indoor vantage point. Here, we're hoping to capture a little of that sleepy, daytime storm feeling for you, whatever the weather in your locale...

The rain is heavy at times, the clouds a dark blue-gray. We've lost electricity twice so far today (we're crossing our fingers we can get this put together before a prolonged power outage!). We love how daytime storms can transform the home or office into a cozy, sleepy respite from the outdoors.

1 via Flickr member azizabdul, licensed for use under Creative Commons
2 Sophik Studio via Apartment Therapy
3 via Flickr member vox_efx, licensed for use under Creative Commons
4 via Flickr member chainsawpanda, licensed for use under Creative Commons
5 via Flickr member supernan, licensed for use under Creative Commons

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