This Radiator Design is Hot!

We've been over how geeky gadget love has a strangely symbiotic relationship with being a lover of graphic design and typography. Well it turns out the same is true about sarcasm- and irony-love too. Case in point: This 'Hot' radiator design.

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It's a high-tech appliance reserved for only the most refined—and we guess, the coldest?—geeks: A high-style radiator. (If you've yet to see the range of cool radiator designs out there, start by visiting our posts about Runtal's Customized Concept Radiator and The Milano Radiator.)

But this one manages to squeze in the two other aforementioned geek loves of type and irony. The radiator spells the word "hot" and turns red when it's warm. Brilliant!

Not to mention, we kind of love the old-school-diner feel the giant metallic letters could give your bathroom or bedroom. Perfect for a hip loft space, don't ya think?

Via Ubergizmo

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