Spending the weekdays in cubicle land while the weather begins to warm up leads me to daydream about lazy summer days. What says summer more than fresh lemonade, a bit of light reading and a wonderfully comfy hammock?

5 Sustainable Hammocks:

1. Adam Cornish's Wooden Hammock: Winner of the Herman Miller Design Competition, this super glam hammock is made from a single piece of plantation grown plywood. I want to know when this baby goes on sale!

2. Eco Friendly Cotton Hammock: Made of cotton trim pieces from a t-shirt factory, these hammocks are made in El Savador. For a mere $48, they're a steal!

3. Ultimate Hammock: Made of 80% post-consumer plastic bottles, this hammock from Gaiam is built to last. Currently on sale for $139.99.

4. Recycled Seatbelt Hammock: Ting London makes these hammocks (and other products) from recycled seatbelts. A bit on the pricey side at $744, it's definitely not lacking in style.

5. Mayan Hemp Hammock: This extra large hammock has room for up to three people and can hold up to 600 pounds! At $116, that's only about 20 cents per pound!

(Images: as linked above)