Fitting in the Fun: 3 Kids Sleep, Work & Play in a 15' x 13' Room


You may remember the story of Carmella's family of five, who lives in a 665 square foot cabin in Wyoming. Recently, Carmella shared how she designed a 15' x 13' room that suits all the needs of her three sons (ages 14, 12, and 10). A marvel of space planning, the boys' loft offers areas for each of them to work, play, and devote time to their hobbies.

The light-filled, wood-paneled loft has designated areas for sleeping, homework (and in the case of the eldest son, cartooning), video games, guitar playing, toys, and reading. Much of the boys' time is spent outside, but when they come inside, there are plenty of comfortable spots for them to entertain themselves.

Each boy has a "man cave" with a curtain that can be closed for privacy, and Carmella created the patchwork bedding according to each son's interests. "Football boy," "running boy," and "guitar boy" all have mementos of their favorite hobbies close at hand.

This highly functional space gives each son a place for all his most important activities and belongings while still emphasizing the ideals of "living with less."

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(Image credits: Assortment)