A step stool is a useful helper to have around the apartment, especially if you have high ceilings that allow you to go upward more than outward with your storage. Our kitchen, for instance, would be useless without one. And while step stools can be purely utilitarian pieces, here are three that can be appreciated for form as well as function:

1 Doublewide Step Stool by Loll Designs - $177.
2 This small (but sturdy) Copper Step Stool by Jonathan Muecke of Cranbrook is for truly space-challenged households.
3 The 10°ree; Step Stool: "With legs canted at 10°ree;, a slot for hanging is also bored at 10°ree;. When hung on an archetypical nail that is pounded into a wall at a slight upward angle, the angled slot allows the step stool to lay flatly against the wall, in harmony." by The Office for Lost Objects.