Three Old Cool Things: Saarinen, BDDW, Florida

Three Old Cool Things: Saarinen, BDDW, Florida

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 3, 2008

I always carry a camera. As I walk around, I see something and sense myself responding. A new idea pops into my head, a connection is made and a movement is confirmed. I then quickly take a picture.
Haven't you done this?
Often, I don't know what the importance of the moment was until months later. Here are three that - to me - that are related and could be called "old modern cool." To me this is not "vintage", but the resuscitation of the 19th century modern spirit. They're also all white...

I passed this a week ago (and took this pic) and passed it again this morning on my way to San Francisco. This, the TWA flight terminal designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962 (now JetBlue), is getting amazing again. Whiter than I'd seen it, the refurbished form is stunning and is alive again. Doesn't it look like an animal about to pounce?

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This is a crazy stereo that Tyler has set up right now at BDDW. It's beyond old school. The speakers are custom cabinets, the "reciever" is made of old radio tubes on plywood on the wall, and the turntable is pewter and wood. It works, too.

Turntable closeup. I am not sure if this is a real manufacturer name. I googled it and got nothing. Either way, it's a labor of love.

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I saw these lamps on a walkway at a club in Florida a few months ago. Totally standard 70's outdoor lighting, I liked how simple, effective and shapely (round) they were (and probably cheap, too). The light is totally indirect and always cast down and up - never in your eye. Also, the oversize nature of them was perfect. I totally want to bring these back.

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