The bathroom can be a scary place for the younger child who is at the beginning stages of potty training -- or it can be looked at as a place where tedious chores take place by the preschooler (hand washing, tooth brushing, etc.) However, there are three simple things you can do to your bathroom which will make it a more welcoming, kid-centric place.

• A light switch extender is a nifty little device that allows children the freedom and independence to turn on the lights in the bathroom. Things are much less intimidating when they are not in the dark.

• A simple stool lets your child easily reach the sink and the toilet. While any step stool will do for the toilet, we like this one with storage for the sink so your child can have their own little bathroom space for all of their stuff.

• And speaking of toilets, a potty seat allows you to toilet train without an actual potty chair and lets children feel safe while they explore using the grown up toilet. We like Growing Up Green's potty seat which is made from 100% pesticide-free bamboo.