One heat source cooks three different dishes! That's energy efficient cooking. Preparing food using three tier steamers is quick and simple. Simply load up the different levels, turn on the heat and walk away, all on one burner. It's also extremely versatile, so cooking for one is as easy as cooking for a small group. Because it uses only one burner, this is also a great tip for small kitchens.

Boil the main portion of your meal on the bottom level. For me, this means pasta, rice, potatoes or soup. Load your protein in the middle. I usually use chicken breasts or fish. And last but not least, load a heaping amount of vegetables at the top. Vegetables always shrink tremendously, so don't be shy. Recently, I filled mine with kale and string beans. Once they're finished cooking, drizzle your courses with your favorite sauces or seasonings.

(Tip: After steaming chicken breasts, shred the hot meat using a fork and knife on a cutting board. The chicken will shred effortlessly and readily absorb any sauce or seasoning you toss in.)

1. Joyce Chen J26-0054 6-Quart 3-Tier Chinese Steamer, $64.95 from Joyce Chen
2. Ready Steady Cook Bistro 18cm Stainless Steel 3 Tier Steamer with Glass Lid, $62.62
    from Langton Info Services
3. Swift Supreme 3 Tier Steamer Set, $158.50 from Langton Info Services
4. Judge S/Steel 3 Tier Multi Pots, $29.93 from Menarys
5. Buckingham Three Tier Steamer Set with Glass Lid, $73.03 from Langton Info

6. 16cm 3 Tiered Steamer, $40.70 from Kitchen Craft
7. 12 inch 3-Tier Aluminum Steamer, $34.22 from Wok Shop
8. Ikea 365+ Pot with Lid, $14.99 from Ikea. Use two Ikea steamer inserts (#9) with one
    Ikea pot (#8) to complete the three tier set.
9. Stabil Steamer Insert, $8.99 from Ikea. Use two Ikea steamer inserts (#9) with one
    Ikea pot (#8) to complete the three tier set.

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