Look! Thrifty Winter Wall Art Idea from Urban Outfitters

While strolling through my local Urban Outfitters last week these giant knit panels caught my attention as I attempted to navigate my way between the inappropriate humor books and boys wearing Sperry Topsiders. Part Grandma chic, part thrifty repurposing, and rather eye catching in the process.

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These large panels made from old knit blankets are kind of fun in their own right. Sure, there's a little off the wall (or on the wall in this case... wocka wocka), but hit up your local thrift store, fun some fun coordinating or contrasting throws, depending on your taste and you could easily have something new for your home for very little money.

The blankets were cut apart, stitched back together and then stretched across a simple wood frame that doesn't even require power tools. Even if it's not a year-round look for your home, it could be fun in the winter months when we're looking to make our homes appear slightly more snuggly. Do you love the look? Hate it with the fire of 1,000 suns? Think you could do it better? Let us know below!

Images: Sarah Rae Trover

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