Through My Window: Wildfire Smoke

Through My Window: Wildfire Smoke

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 15, 2007

Photographer: Jacklyn Loquidis
Title: Wildfire Smoke in Birmingham, Alabama

"Hello. I live in a loft in downtown Birmingham, Alabama with a beautiful view of the city. For the last two weeks we have been getting large quantities of smoke from the terrible wildfires in Waycross, GA which is 400 miles away!..."

"Everyone here is just astounded that the smoke would travel this far and I can not even imagine the impact this has made on those that live closer. I snapped these photos on the 29th and we are expected to receive more smoke over the next few days. I just wanted to share what is happening down here in Alabama through my window. Thanks for your time and have a great day."

Jacklyn Loquidis

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