Through My Window: Exhibition

Through My Window: Exhibition

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 30, 2007

What do you see? Let us know.

Starting today we're launching our third online exhibition of photography, this year with the theme, Through My Window, which will appear every Friday at the end of the day:

To place a window in a wall is to strike a deal with the world beyond it: I can look out at you and you can look through it to me. The love struck teen on curfew can climb out in the middle of the night-and the cat burglar can climb in...

Most of all, though, a window is a frame-or a lens-that's as important for what it conceals as for what it reveals. And for the artists in this virtual exhibit, the opposite could be said to be true, too: A lens is a window.

Put together in collaboration with Meter Gallery, this year we're featuring photographs from READERS, Meter Gallery and we're also going to be inviting a few other galleries to join in as well to broaden the mix.

As always, we'll try to make every photograph for sale, and we'll provide contact information for every gallery and reader. In the fall, our goal is to feature 8-10 photographs that will be up for auction, with the proceeds going to charity.

Sound like a plan? Then grab a camera and tell all your photographer friends!

All submissions go to newyork @ and please put THROUGH MY WINDOW in the subject header.

(Pic at top by Abhishek Ranjan)

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