Are Potty Parties a New Potty Training Trend?

Are Potty Parties a New Potty Training Trend?

In our quest for potty-training insights we have compiled reading lists, made charts, and appealed to readers for their potty training wisdom. Lately we've noticed that a few guides recommend throwing a "potty party" to celebrate the introduction of underpants and say so-long to diapers, and we found a few bloggers who are rising to the occasion.

For example, Mindy of Creative Juice threw an epic fete where guests were urged to "potty like a rock star" with potty-themed treats, activities (like a diaper toss) and decor.

Hannah of Bonne Nouvelle partnered with Huggies to host a potty-training party and made some hilarious marshmallow and doughnut potty treats.

I celebrated my son's potty-training with a happy dance and the big T-Rex that had been promised to him as a reward. It seems like every potty training guide recommends some form of incentivizing and we love any excuse for a party, so if this is enough to sweeten the deal for my twins then I just might throw a potty party myself.

Have you done anything special to commemorate the transition from diapers to the potty?

(Images: 1. Creative Juice 2. Bonne Nouvelle)

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