Thursday Giveaway Winner: heylucy

Thursday Giveaway Winner: heylucy

Oct 29, 2007

It's another Monday morning and we wish we could get away right now. Writing a post about this book, which was last week's giveaway, doesn't help. It just makes us long even more for a trip to the Wine Country or Monterey Bay ... But we're getting sidetracked here. The winner of California Country Style is heylucy! Here's her entry:

"My favorite weekend getaway is my home in the mountains. I commute an hour each way every weekday, and it's heaven to spend my weekends in my little cottage nestled in a valley in the mountains east of San Diego. The weekend usually starts with breakfast at our local diner, and then we work on projects around the house. I'm currently doing lots of renovating and decorating, all in a very California modern/country/flea market style, so this book sounds like the perfect inspiration. After all that hard work, I like to spend Sunday afternoon on the porch, watching the chickens range around the yard."

heylucy, we hope the book brings you much inspiration. A big thanks to everyone who entered — and to Chronicle Books for providing us with a copy to give away!

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