Thursday Giveaway: Micromink Warming Throw Blanket

Thursday Giveaway: Micromink Warming Throw Blanket

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 15, 2007

Cold yet? Try this. This week the nice people at Sunbeam have something for us monkeys to test out. It's a new product they call their Ultra-Luxurious MicroMink Throw Blanket, which means that it's soft, soft, soft (really) and is heated with a special new technology: "Thermofine warming system senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth."

If you'd like to have us send you this product to test lab, read on...

While this is not our particular bag, we are fans of the heated mattress pad, we like that it's all machine washable and that it claims to be an energy saver: "By turning on your Sunbeam SlumberRest Warming Throw you can turn down your thermostat and still relax in warmth and comfort."


If you can and would like to test lab/review this Sunbeam SlumberRest Warming Throw, please comment below telling us why you'd be the best one to do it...

We'll run this post until MONDAY at lunchtime and choose one person after lunchtime tomorrow. We're going to take the most convincing comment and then email you directly so we can send you the book asap (Sorry, we can only choose one of you, but feel free to put your review in the comments when we post it).

After we get you this blanket, we'll expect your honest, short, pithy and eloquent review back in two weeks, and we'll post it with a big thank you.

Thanks to everyone who jumps in!

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