Thursday Giveaway Winner: GoddessofPurple

Thursday Giveaway Winner: GoddessofPurple

Oct 26, 2007

Congrats to GoddessofPurple, winner of the Xbox 360 Elite. It took a team of 5 of us to come up with a winner, this was a tough one...

GoddessofPurple said...
"My kids have been bugging me for a gaming system for over a year but I have dug in my heels and insisted on remaining low-tech. Usually they give up after awhile, but not on this one. They really, really want to join the 21st century...

The good news is there is plenty of us to chime in on the review. Gen-X mom, Old crabby dad, two kids, and 19 year old hip college student uncle. That's 5 reviews for the price of 1!"

Honorable mentions go to...
Messyplace, for the creative haiku
Mamasings, for telling it like it is
and yobrett, good luck handing the schoolings from the kiddies!

Thanks to all who entered!

- Image by gamerscoreblog .

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