Thursday Giveaway: My Record Collection II - Michael Jackson

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Item: 2 Michael Jackson Albums: Thriller & Off The Wall
Value: Priceless

As I continue to clean house and let go of my record collection (in true Cure fashion!), I had to dig into my MJ this week and part with these two legendary albums. Since they're just gathering dust, I want to give them to folks who will actually play them and dance. I'm giving a piece of the collection each week. If you're interested, jump below...

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Congrats to Aysola, who won last week's Elvis Costello Giveaway!

If you are interested in these albums, please register a comment below. ONLY ONE COMMENT PER PERSON - or you'll be disqualified. We'll choose one person at random on Monday to get both, get in touch with you and send out the records forthwith!

2 Michael Jackson Albums - original US issues (gently used)

  • Off The Wall - 1979
  • Thriller - 1982
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