Thursday Giveaway: My Record Collection I - Elvis Costello

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Item: 13 Elvis Costello Albums from 1977-89
Value: Priceless

This week I've finally decided to clean house and let go of my record collection (in true Cure fashion!). Dating primarily back to the 80's and early 90's, this was a prized collection and a soundtrack to my young adult life. Since it's just gathering dust, I want to give it to folks who will actually play these records. The full collection has hundreds of albums (pic below), but I'm going to give it away in pieces to interested parties. Today the king: Elvis Costello....

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If you are interested in these albums, please register a comment below. ONLY ONE COMMENT PER PERSON - or you'll be disqualified. We'll choose one person at random on Monday to get all 13, get in touch with you and send out the records forthwith!

13 Elvis Costello Albums - original US issues

  • Spike
  • Imperial Bedroom
  • Get Happy
  • Almost Blue
  • Bloom & Chocolate
  • Trust
  • Taking Liberties
  • Armed Forces
  • My Aim is True
  • Goodbye Cruel World
  • King of America
  • This Year's Model
  • Punch The Clock

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