Thurston Moore's Punkhouse

Thurston Moore's Punkhouse

Sarah Coffey
Aug 31, 2007

180 degrees away from Elle Decor. We're psyched about Punkhouse: Anarchist Interiors, a new book edited by Thurston Moore that comes out October 1.

As the frontman of Sonic Youth, Moore is best known for his music, although he's also a published author and visual artist. His latest project is a foray into the homes of punk rockers: anarchist warehouses, feminist collectives, artists' studios, self-sufficient farms, and even tree houses.

With over 300 photographs by Abby Banks, Punkhouse won't be your average glossy home and garden book. According to the publisher's blurb, the focus is on "all varieties of communal living spaces," particularly spaces where "a large group of like-minded punks cram into a house usually intended to accommodate two or three people, resulting in low rent and, thus, extended hours of leisure for the residents to pursue their true interests."

We welcome the peek into underground lifestyles...and we can't wait to see what an anarchist tree house looks like.

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