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Chesapeake, VA
Inspiration for my palette:
I knew when I moved into my apartment that I would paint. That was actually one of the selling points for me while apartment hunting. Pink has always been my favorite color, and I mean "pink pink" like fuchsia. I knew painting all of the walls would be a bit much so I decided to just paint an accent wall. After deciding on pink I just added a few other bright colors I thought would go well with it.
Colors used in my room
Pink, purple, yellow, gray, and a hint of turquoise.
Tips for using color successfully
Don't be afraid to use color. If you have a color - especially a bold color, say lime green - and aren't sure about painting a whole room that color, start off with an accent wall and go from there. And don't be afraid to break the rules either. For example the 80:20 rule says you should use 80% neutrals and 20% high color. I say do what you like and do what feels right, and who wants to do math anyway???
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