Tiffany Ard Art

Tiffany Ard Art

Julia Cho
Feb 23, 2007
Everyone knows A is for Apple but these "Nerd ABC Flashcards" from Tiffany Ard are truly something special.

We immediately thought of our nephew Samuel, the son of two MIT grads. These will be perfect for his first birthday. But there's a real mix of other unique and beautiful offerings on Tiffany's site. Once a graphic designer/artist for huge corporations, she now devotes her studio work to more whimsical art for kids and babies, but grown ups like it too! More below the jump...

Tiffany will do a custom portrait of your child or you and your child together- comic style or pen and ink.

We love this bird shadow art. It changes along with the light and we'd almost prefer it to the real thing. This would make a lovely addition to a nursery window or wall.

More birds here, but something a little different. These canvas wall hangings are made with a reverse stencil technique and are extremely durable.

We're so glad those nerdy flashcards led us to Tiffany's site. There are a lot of great ideas here.

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