Tillandsia Air Plants Are Especially Green

Tillandsia Air Plants Are Especially Green

Trent Johnson
Oct 12, 2010

Tillandsias are members of the Bromeliad family and also a type of epiphyte, which include types of fungi, algae, orchids, mosses and ferns that don't require soil to root. Because they don't require soil, they're an ideal species for wall gardens, and are often used as such.

In fact, we've blogged about several Tillandsia wall gardens before, including this one in Yountville, Ca.

Tillandsia are naturally found in the deserts, forests and mountains of Central and South America, and Mexico and the southern United States in North America.They normally grow without soil while attached to other plants on which they depend on only for support. Nutrients and moisture are absorbed through the leaves, and thus they thrive in warm, humid environments.

Since Tillandsias don't require soil or living in a pool of water, they are light, versatile, and great for projects. Check out Etsy for some great examples and to buy Tillandsia plants and projects like those pictured here:

1. Hanging Airplant Pod from Etsy Seller Mudpuppy (First photo)
2. 3 Mystery Air Plants from Augury (Second photo)
3. Tiny Air Plant Terrariums from TortoiseLovesDonkey (Below)

(Images: as linked)

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