Simple Things You Can Do Daily To Enjoy Your Home

Simple Things You Can Do Daily To Enjoy Your Home

Rebecca Orlov
Mar 3, 2009

We can't believe it's already March! We're still scratching our head at where 2008 went. Although time seems to be flying by, you can take stock in each day by doing a few simple things in your home to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

1) Make Your Bed. Yea, this seems more like work then enjoyment but we promise you will feel so much better in your space walking home from a hard days work with a clean and cozy bedroom waiting for you.

2) Buy yourself flowers every week or so and enjoy them every day. Over the weekend, pick up a generous bunch of flowers for $5 at a store like Trader Joes, Costco, even Home Depot. By treating yourself to an affordable floral addition, your home will feel brighter each day. Arrange them throughout your home in individual vases or move them around each day to a new spot.

3) Turn off the TV. We've been keeping our TV watching to a minimum lately and our days feel so much longer. You will feel more accomplished in your day by using this time on activities like DIY projects, reading, simply hanging out and talking with your partner / roommate or catching up with friends and family on the phone.

4) Open your curtains or blinds. Although mornings can be hectic getting everyone out the door, open those curtains to a new day. When you return home, it may be dark but the idea that your space was exposed to sunshine and blue skies provides a comfortable feeling. Also, clean the glass every now and then and your windows will feel bigger and brighter!

5) Get some exercise. Take 20 minutes or so and do some exercise. You will recharge your creative battery, feel better throughout your day and your time at home in the evening will feel like it's in front of you instead of you trying to catch up to it.

What are some other inspiring tips for enjoying each day in your home?

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