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My living room as it could be?
Okay, confession. As much as we love our home, now that it's done, we're feeling the need for a change. Clearing out old magazines, we came across this image from Domino and immediately thought, hmmm....
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We went from this...to this...
While it may seem like a big change -- from cozy, colourful, eclectic bohemian to stark, sleek modern -- the major element and expense -- the brown couches -- are already in place and the layout's working so we'll keep that. The change would come from working on the other layers. Painting, changing out the light fixtures, the rug, the coffee table, swapping curtains for roller shades, replacing the poster with our growing collection of photographs and hanging them salon-style, is no scarier than starting out with a basic black suit or dess and then switching up the look by changing out the accessories. And, of course, it wouldn't be an exact copy. The room from Domino will act as inspiration for the kind of look we're going for. Before we found AT, we saw making these kind of changes as monumental. Now we see them as natural. And we know that if we've got a home of great basics -- a good couch, a decent bed, a sturdy dining room table -- changing our home to suit both our evolving tastes and life is not whimsical but a direct reflection of our personal growth and evolution as a person. How has your home grown and evolved? Or has it? Is it time for your home to change?
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Now we're thinking about going from this...to this? Hmmm...

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[Opening image: Jacques Dirand, Domino Magazine, September 2006; Other images: Abby's Cozy Boho;]